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Wimpole Laser Hair Removal

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Treatments for Fungal Nails and Wart

No more anti-fungal lotions and tablets with their relevant side effects to treat fungal nails!. The Genesis plus Laser allows for a one-off treatment that effectively eliminates fungus from under the nail resulting in healthy new nail growth instantly.


Long-pulsed Nd:YAG lasers are also a safe and effective treatment for warts, with response rates higher than those obtained with conventional therapies. Laser is more expensive per session than other treatments, however, as over 90% of verrucaes disappear within only 2 to 3 sessions overall it works out as more cost effective.


Our laser nail care has been featured in the national press and in major magazines.





All foot care is carried out at our London Podiatry Clinic. Details can be found at www.feetforlifeuk.com and http://www.lasernailcare.co.uk


Alternatively please contact the London clinic for more information or to book a consultation.

Advice & Aftercare

Fungal Nails and Wart - Pre Treatment Information

Any nail polish should be removed prior to treatment.


Fungal Nails and Wart – Post Treatment information

Apply anti-fungal spray. This is provided during the appointment.


Further information can be discussed during treatment.